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TRADITION: For over 50 years Vandenberg Manufacturing Co., Inc. has provided the high-quality, dependable dairy equipment that has satisfied customers around the world.  Look to Vandenberg for products that last.
Vandenberg Manufacturing Co., Inc.

    The Vandenberg brothers have been in the dairy business for over 51 years. They started out with a small business, back in the 1950. They have come along way! Now the Vandenberg, have a manufacture Co. in Artesia and a repair shop in Chino.
    Vandenberg’s have been manufacturing and delivering the best dairy equipment at great prices. So please take the time to surf our web site. You will find it loaded with information on our stalls, stanchions, crowd gates, pumps and other great products.
    So take the next step and give us a call. We will be glad to help you out in anyway we can. Thank you for stopping by!


     Call Vandenberg to Retro-fit your Barn

    dot icon Side Milking Herring bone Barn Equipment

dot icon Feeders - Electric & Manual

     Heavy-Duty Super-Fast Side-Exit Herringbone Stalls

 Inside & Outside Steel Stanchions Self-locking
      for Cows, Heifers, & Calves

     Brisket Bar Available with Side-angel Herring Stalls

 Sump & Booster Pumps

    dot icon Radial Arm Milk Hose Supports

 Sump Pit Agitators

     Automated Entrance & Exit Gates

 Manure Separators

     Wash Pen Sprinklers & Guards

 Conveyor Systems, 4-inch

     Wash Pens Timers

 Float Switches

     Crowd Gates

 Wheel Mounted Sprinkler System


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          Vandenberg Manufacturing Co., Inc.

          Main Office: 17306 Roseton Ave. Artesia, CA. 90701
          562-865-6000  800-88-DAIRY (800-883-2479)    Fax: 562-865-7924

          Service Center 16455 Chino-Corona Rd. Chino, CA. 91710
          909-597-3412   Fax: 909-597-4957


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