Vandenberg’s Super Fast - Side Exit Milking Stall

Bring your production to a new level with Vandenberg’s Super-Fast Side Exit Stalls. Featuring extra thick wall steel construction, complete galvanized finish and top quality hardware, Vandenberg’s Super-Fast Side Exit Stalls will outlast the competition saving you time and money in the long run. Coupled with our Herringbones we’re sure your see production improvements that you only imagined.


Our SUPER FAST - SIDE EXIT milking stall was developed around the basic original herringbone milking.

The six (6) inch square stainless steel column serves as the basic structural component. The feed conveyor rests on top of this column and the column and the serves as the down spout for the feed system, delivering the feed into the bowl. The ”SIDE EXIT” gate is also hinged form the same column.

Other basic components of the original herringbone stall, such as SPLASH SHIELDS, STEEL CURBS and the GRATES remain the same.



The cow stand is viewed from the front of the barn. The redesigned FEED BOWL and FEEDER on the left.

The feeders are connected to the Master Control Unit below.

The splash shield is shown on the right side.



Master control units use a linkage system to drop feed from several feeders with one pull of the handle.

ONE PULL HANDLE is placed on each side of the milking pit.

The feeder is located in the upper portion of the 6” square column, directly under the feed conveyor. The capacity of the feeder is approximately five pounds of feed.

The master control unit is connected to these feeders to function as stated below.



Air operated entrance gate for our SUPER FAST - SIDE EXIT milking stalls.